Hail remains the greatest ``enemy`` of the modern farmer. Our truly effective, simple and economical solution are polypropylene or polyethylene nets for protection against hail. They are made from environmentally friendly materials that can be fully recycled. Since the net protects the entire plant (flower/fruit/fruit, leaves, branches, stem/trunk), both current and future crops will be safe from hail, and you can plan for harvest with greater certainty.

Advantages of ANTI-HAIL NETS

Easy installation

Made from natural, environmentally friendly materials

Universal use (orchards, vineyards, gardens…)

Reliable, economical, highly durable (up to 12 years)

Resistance to UV rays, extreme weather conditions, acids, sprays

Resistance to tearing and extreme cold or heat (-30° to +70°C)

Environmentally friendly solution



We produce the nets in various widths and thickness.