Construction Foils

They are made from polyethylene, which is produced by environment friendly technology from recycled material. From LDPE recycled material we produce LDPE mono foils. Half-sleeves and sleeves of different dimensions (1 to 4 m), thicknesses (50-150 μm) and colors (black, colored, transparent). The foil can be used as a vapor barrier, as a separating layer between different materials, or as insulation for parquet floors, screeds or other insulating materials. Larger surfaces can be formed from the given dimensions, which is why it can also be used for protective covering, e.g. fresh concrete from drying out, building materials from rain and pollution, lands during excavations, etc. The film is degradable and, due to its composition, meets all ecological criteria and standards. In addition to construction, it can also be used in agriculture and everyday life for various purposes.

Advantages of Fabrics and scaffolding nets for facade protection

Due to the UV resistance, it can be used for many years

Effective protection of the surroundings of the construction site


quick and easy application and storage

Nets are robust, resistant to humidity, bases and acids

Aesthetic effect

Possibility of advertising (printing with your company’s logo)

Recyclable and created under environmentally friendly processes



We offer nets of various dimensions and thickness with the possibility of printing your own design, and UV stabilization.